Developed Reality

bringing new perspectives to a headset near you


I created Developed Reality to provide a place in which to explore new ways of perceiving and interacting with reality using emerging technologies and methods. The ultimate goal is to create immersive software experiences that lead to a richer understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

About Kai

Kai is a freelance software developer and educational technology consultant specializing in creative, educational applications of AR/MR/VR/XR technologies.

He holds an MSEd in Learning Sciences and Technologies from the University of Pennsylvania, and has successfully managed numerous tech projects for educational institutions and nonprofits over a 15-year career ranging from VR historical reconstructions to textual analysis to aerial drone mapping.

Kai has a formal background in computer science, education, and anthropology, and has extensive experience with various XR platforms, application development with Unity, and realistic 3D/photogrammetric modeling.